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Bethlehem Counseling Associates

We have decided to close our doors to visitors until further government notice in order to do our part in preventing the spread of this virus. As we gather more information, we will determine when we reconvene with face to face appointments.

However, your clinician is still available to support you. If you do not have an appointment, but would like one, call the office and leave a voicemail, someone will be in touch.

As a consumer of medical insurance, you have the right to call your insurance and verify telehealth coverage and advocate for coverage during this time. We have confirmed Telehealth coverage under most major Health insurance companies already, so please do not let this impede you from reaching out; we will figure it out.

Our administrative staff are working hard to support all of your phone calls in a timely fashion. Let's all come together to work through this. We still have each other. During this time it’s important for everyone to take care of themselves.

Some ideas to cope:

Go for a walk outside * Do a puzzle * Do brain games * Catch up on or start a new show * Watch your favorite movie * Call your friends and family * Read a book * Find a craft you’ve been meaning to do * Clean out your closet * Make a list of all the places you want go when social distancing has been lifted * Hold space for your emotions * Utilize online forums for exercise classes

If you are having suicidal thoughts please go to the local emergency room. You can also call Lehigh County Crisis- 610-782-3127 Northampton County Crisis- 610-252-9060

BCA has been in existence since 1986 and takes pride on being one of the premier private group psychological practices in the Lehigh Valley. If you are seeking counseling assistance or psychological testing services, BCA has a staff of 23 mental health professionals who are available to offer a wide range of services. BCA believes in providing the highest quality of care for for our clients’ needs.
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Meet Our Staff

We are an out-patient, private practice group of licensed mental health professionals who treat individuals, couples, families, and children. Our highly trained counselors have a very diverse list of credentials and experience. Feel free to browse through our staff bios to personally select a counselor that is right for you. Otherwise, our knowledgeable team of administrative staff can help match you to the appropriate counselor.

A Safe Place

At BCA, we strive to bring the comforts of home to the counseling environment. You can expect a warm, inviting, and safe place to talk about your most sensitive subjects.

While we all embark upon what will become the new "norm" of Telehealth for the foreseeable future, please realize that we will seek to emulate this same sort of safe environment that we provide at our physical location. We understand that this may be a bit new to many folks, so please realize we will walk you through the process to ensure your utmost level of comfort and security.

We have a large team of Clinicians, Administrators, and Executive staff all working on your behalf to ensure the best experience we can provide during these trying times.